July 27, 2017 – A reminder to all of our 2017 guests –

Now that you’ve returned home from your Salmon Hole Lodge fishing trip and you’ve had a chance to go through the photos you took, please remember that I would be very happy to make a contribution to your salmon fly collection.

A picture is worth a thousand words – especially to a fishing camp outfitter! Past, present and (possibly) future guests really enjoy seeing pictures and videos of salmon – your salmon!

So, here’s the deal ……..

If you email me your digital images of either:(1) an angler playing a LaPoile River salmon or (2) an angler holding a live LaPoile River salmon prior to release, I’ll send you this nice collection of custom-tied flies – proven to be effective on the LaPoile River!! If I display your pic, I will check with you first to see if you want me to with-hold names.

Your pics or videos can be emailed to: scott@salmonholelodge.com

Thanks!  Scott Smith