July 18, 2017 – It’s true, the numbers of Atlantic salmon returning to Canada’s east coast rivers this year are down compared to this time last year.  The LaPoile River is no exception.  Thankfully, for a true Atlantic salmon angler, the success of the fishing trip is not measured solely by the number of fish hooked.  Sure – it IS important to catch a few fish – but angling for Atlantic salmon is not a numbers game.  To date, all of our 2017 guests have caught (and happily released) Atlantic salmon and, equally important to me, they have thoroughly enjoyed ‘their’ week at Salmon Hole Lodge.  Fishing in a remote river with clean, clear water; not having to wait in line to fish; enjoying the unspoiled scenery; watching Woodland Caribou and Moose while you are casting for salmon – these are just a few of perks that combine to create the Salmon Hole Lodge ‘experience‘ !!  Pictured here is our guest, John from Vermont, releasing a fine example of a bright, fresh-from-the-sea LaPoile River salmon! – Scott Smith