August 3, 2017 – We will soon be entering our 50th year of operation.  Definitely a time to reflect on the past.  One way of doing this is by going through photos.  Our photo library contains hundreds of nice, old photos showing a proud angler holding his (or her) prize catch!  You won’t see many of those photos on websites or FB pages these days because it is considered by some Atlantic salmon organizations “to be in poor taste” to show pictures of “dead salmon” when we are trying to promote catch and release.  Well, guess what?  That was then, this is now.  These days we strongly promote catch and release angling for Atlantic salmon.  But over the next little while, I’ll be sharing here a few old photos anyway.  Here’s one taken in 1968 of Salmon Hole Lodge founder, Dr. Duncan Smith (far right) and two awesome fishing guides – holding Atlantic salmon (and Brook trout) that were caught during the previous few days.  These fish would be cut into pieces, the fish pieces placed in cans of water, the cans sealed, then the sealed cans cooked in a pressure cooker over an open fire for several hours!  Before the era of refrigeration and ice making on the LaPoile River, all salmon was brought home, pre-cooked, in cans – imagine that!     Scott Smith