June 23, 2017 – It was a great week for wildlife sightings – starting with our trip along the southwest coast in Capt. Perry’s boat. We saw a few whales and were entertained by several pods of black dolphins or porpoises following (or racing with?) our boat.  We were moving along at a decent rate (about 10 knots) and those dolphins had no problem keeping pace!  As soon as we started our trip up the LaPoile River (on a tractor and Polaris Ranger 4×4), we saw Woodland Caribou every 5 or 10 minutes.  Being careful not to count the same caribou more than once, we counted 30 individuals.  And 1 moose!  The caribou are curious but cautious (as seen in this photo) whereas the moose are downright shy and elusive.  There were still several large patches of snow on the mountain sides – which normally means large amounts of snow remaining on the elevated plateau (back country).  This bodes well as the melting snow helps to keep the river water nice and cool – just what Salmo salar likes!