“Salmon Hole Lodge provided us with a rare opportunity to experience a wilderness Atlantic salmon fishery.  Knowledgeable guides, comfortable accommodations, hearty meals and the beautiful river all helped make this a memorable adventure (and catching fish didn't hurt!). We plan to return next year!”
Rhey & Sheila, Vermont, USA (2015)

“Salmon Hole Lodge is a gold mine for salmon fishing and has the best staff going! I look forward to my 4th trip next year!”
Matt, Prince Edward Island, Canada (2015)

“This year (2015) was my 5th trip to Salmon Hole Lodge. I know there are no guarantees when it comes to catching Atlantic salmon so I was pleasantly surprised as I hooked more salmon this year than ever before. The accommodations and meals were top notch. As always, the guides were top of the line. The sheer beauty of the LaPoile River, the abundance of moose and caribou and the adventure of getting to the lodge all combine to make this a great wilderness fishing trip. Salmon Hole Lodge has provided me with some great memories! I plan to return soon.”
Lee, Nova Scotia, Canada (2015)



"Most enjoyable!  Alex and your team of guides are superb and a great credit to your operation.  It was a delight to fish the pools with no other anglers in sight.  I hooked several fish (salmon, grilse and trout) and returned all of them in excellent condition.  I absolutely loved the surroundings and the care that had gone into everything.  I travelled by Air Canada all the way through (England to Deer Lake, NL) and found them to be excellent without the slightest hitch.  Please keep me informed of your availability for 2012."

   P. Clifton-Gould - Devon, England  (2011)

"Just wanted to let you know I had a great time at Salmon Hole Lodge!  Catching my first Atlantic salmon with a caribou browsing nearby was awesome!  The highlight of my trip was meeting the guides.  Alex, Eileen and Sid were so great!  I asked all the questions that they probably hear from every first-timer and they answered every one with a smile.  I look forward to returning!"

   M. Asci – Massachusetts, USA  (2011)

"This year's trip to Salmon Hole Lodge was great!  Even the Marine Atlantic ferries were on time!  If I had to complain about anything it would be that the trip is over for another year.  I'd say we hit it just right this year - with a good mix of salmon and trout.  This was my fourth consecutive trip and I'm already looking forward to my fifth!"

   C. Spears - Nova Scotia  (2011)

"I had a great time at Salmon Hole Lodge!  The guides - Sid, Alex and Eileen are great people and they know exactly where the fish are.  I have fished for Atlantic salmon only once before, on a different river, and didn't have any luck.  The quality of fishing on the LaPoile River far exceeded my expectations - I landed and released nine salmon and lost another six!  My biggest was 31 inches and we figure it weighed about 12 pounds!  I look forward to returning"

   R. Costa – Massachusetts, USA  (2011)

"Scott, Thanks again for a great week of fishing!  You have a multi-talented, skilled bunch of veteran guides working for you.  They really made it a fantastic week for all."

   R. Rowe - Nova Scotia  (2011)

"Everything about the trip was excellent.  My record shows that our group of three anglers hooked a total of 40 salmon / grilse - with 23 of these landed.  The improvements at the camp are excellent and I sure enjoyed the ATV for travelling up to the camp.  I am interested in returning in 2012."

   A. Crowe - Illinois, USA  (2011)

"We had a great trip!  The fishing was very good - our group of six anglers hooked a total of 65 salmon and grilse.  Please reserve a week for me and my group (six anglers) in 2012."

   S. Clarke – Massachusetts, USA  (2011)


"I had a fantastic time. I have absolutely no complaints - everything was terrific. Phil Bond was a very helpful and pleasant guide, good cook and fun to be with. Saw a bull moose within 6 yards on one of the trails plus a Caribou within 100 yards - very exciting. You can't ask for anything more.  It was more than expected.  Thanks again for a wonderful week. Hope to be there again next year."

 B. Wilkinson – Ontario (2009)

"First of all, I want to thank you for one of the best salmon fishing experiences I have ever had.  The fishing was fabulous!  Our group managed to hook at least 80 fish.  Fishing on the LaPoile is to be highly recommended!!!  You are very lucky to have guides that give your clients the best fishing and camp experience possible.  I learned a lot from each of them.  Garland is a treasure as a camp cook.  Food was cooked to perfection even when there were delays in the arrival of members.  I gained three pounds while there - so I guess you'd say I had enough to eat.  (My wife says I ate too much!!!!).  I look forward to returning next year."

 S. Steeves – Nova Scotia (2009)

"We had another great trip to Salmon Hole Lodge this year.  The guides were great as usual, the river was fresh when we got there and the fish were cooperative.  Everyone in our group did very well (catching fish) and everybody was happy.   Three of the guys that came with me this year have been fishing the Mirimichi River for 20+ years, and they said they have never had better guides than Alex, Sid and Garland.  They were very impressed!   I feel that the Lapoile River is a very special place and feel very lucky that I am able to spend a week there each year.  I plan to return again next year.  Thanks."

 T. Schwendler – New Hampshire (2009)

"I had a great trip and this was, in large part, due to the guides.  They played a massive part in making my trip to your lodge a very happy and memorable experience.  I hope to return next year and can now see why many of your clients return year after year."

 J. Hoban – England (2009)

"Had a great time and loved the place. I loved the river and thought the fishing was incredible.  The rhythm of the camp and river seemed to cleanse my soul.  It was incredibly relaxing and fun.  Keep me posted on next year's dates, as it is trip I would like to do every year." 

 P. Starke – New York State (2009)


"We had a great week up on the Lapoile river again this year. From my 12 or so trips up there, this was the best fishing week by far. In total, we hooked 101 salmon and trout! I think the runs have been improving over time. We also had the benefit of good water in the river all week. The guides were awesome again this year, as usual. I really want to thank Alex, Sid and Garland for their excellent care of us. It is one of my most favorite places to be, and I can’t wait to go back there again next year!"

  Tom S. - New Hampshire (2008)

"Our trip to the LaPoile river was truly spectacular. Fishing was wonderful and compared to salmon fishing in Nova Scotia, I was in heaven. My son turned out to be the "seatrout master" as he hooked and landed one after the other on each day we were there. The facilities were wonderful, sights breathtaking, and the river was awe inspiring. You have a fine jewel there, Scott, and I salute your foresight and good sense in managing and maintaining a wonderful resource. I cannot speak highly enough of our guide, Phil Bond. Polite, helpful, unobtrusive, knowledgeable and wise, with a fabulous sense of humor. His cooking skills went well beyond the ordinary and we looked forward to each meal with great anticipation. My first taste of moose stew will be long remembered fondly. So, THANK YOU. I would like to book another week next July.

  John B. - Nova Scotia (2008)

"We had an unbelievable time at the Salmon Hole Lodge! Can't say enough good things about it. Our guides, Alex and Sid, were fantastic. We would love to make another trip. The food was great, as were the accomodations. We hooked between 30 and 35 salmon the week we were there and landed 16 or 17. Not bad for first time salmon fishermen!"

  Scott B. - Prince Edward Island (2008)


“We were well taken care of - the quality and quantity of food was A1. Our guide worked non-stop the entire week – he knows the LaPoile River well and was very flexible with the hours and pools we wanted to fish. We look forward to returning next year.”

 K. Hovey – Nova Scotia (2007)

“The highlight of our trip was the guides’ exceptionally warm attitude and many talents beside that of guiding. The courtesy of the guides, their availability and good humour made our stay most pleasant. At no time did they behave as hourly paid employees (as we have experienced at other fishing lodges) but rather as owners who care for their guests.

We found the LaPoile River to be an excellent fishing spot as well as a most scenic landscape. The guides make sure that the river and its surroundings are spotlessly free of debris and that the trails are in good walking condition.

To sum it up, we were very pleased with our trip and we left our guides and Newfoundland with hopes of coming back soon.”

  P. Martineau – Quebec (2007)

“Hello Scott. We had a great trip. As usual, we were well taken care of by our guides. I was surprised to hear that many Newfoundland rivers were experiencing low levels of returning salmon even after the first of July. Not so on the LaPoile – we had excellent fishing and our group averaged over 16 fish per day. We may go down in history as the first group who came home early because we had caught all the fish we wanted. I want to credit a lot of our success to the knowledge and professionalism of your guides. To prove my point you should know that two of the people in my group had never caught a salmon before this trip. Imagine their delight when they were coached, not only into landing their first salmon, but hooking and releasing several more!”

  E. Pineault – Nova Scotia (2007)

“We all enjoyed our week at the Salmon Hole Lodge. The guides were great – you are fortunate to have such a good crew. We had a great time – both at the camp and on the river. The food and service were excellent.”

  G. Maggini – Ohio (2007)

“My son and I had a very good time at your camp. Our guide took very good care of us. The quantity and quality of the food were also satisfying. The fishing was excellent and, overall, things were perfect. I would like to reserve the same week next summer.”

  R. Hache – New Brunswick (2007)

“After my 26th trip in 27 years to Salmon Hole Lodge, my first thoughts upon my return to the world were about my 2008 trip. Our first timer from this year's trip speaks to me almost daily of getting back to the LaPoile. Like so many of us who go, he's been hooked. As always has been true, the accommodations were more than comfortable without losing the remote atmosphere, and the guides are superb. They attend to our safety, comfort and enjoyment in a manner that cannot be surpassed. I truly believe they enjoy the week as much as we do. And who could not enjoy the wild beauty of the pools up stream and down or the flash of a turning fish spotted from the deck of the Lodge. Thanks for another excellent experience."

  J. Staples – New Hampshire (2007)


"My week at Salmon Hole Lodge was all I could have imagined. Hands down one of the best experiences of my life and definitely the highlight of my fishing career; the guides played a major role in this. I would definitely love to return."

  J. Gillan (2006)